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  • I own three properties in the US March 6, 2021
    I currently own three (3) properties in the US currently. I would like to eventually expand and buy more properties in other countries, but for now, the US will do. I am looking to purchase another three in the next two years. I already rehabbed the first three houses, and will do the same with […]
  • Video: Wholesale Real Estate For Beginners February 26, 2021
  • 3 Effective Suggestions To Improve Your Auto CREDIT Rating February 19, 2021
    By trying to do something useful, make sure to get it done properly. That’s certainly true for succeeding at enhancing your auto credit rating. Being well-advised and employing a great plan are usually critical factors in identifying whether you might get it right and so are effective or fail and become left out. Looking over […]
  • Using The Right Tools For Your House-Flipping Business February 13, 2021
    You’ve got the motivation, you’ve done your homework, and maybe you even have a flip or two under your belt. Now you’re really ready to take your real estate game to another level. The question is …. How?? From all the clients that we’ve worked with, we’ve seen that a consistent key to being successful […]
  • 5 Steps To Achieving Your Goals in Real Estate Investing February 13, 2021
    We all want to have success in everything that we do, but sometimes it's easy to forget the final goal, so we might end up wasting our time with projects that will lead us nowhere (or at least not where we would want to be). So how do we position ourselves for success in new […]
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