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When deciding whether to rent or buy property, find out which one makes the most sense for your goals and plans.

Real Zelle Rent vs. Buy Calculator

The rent vs. buy calculator can help answer this question with some objective input from you about your financial situation and how much space you need in a home to live comfortably based on square footage, several bedrooms, etc. If renting seems like a more affordable option right now, then that’s OK as well!



Over a period of years, the cost of renting a home is , which is more than the cost of owning a home.

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Rent or buy a home?

With housing prices increasing, renters may wonder if they should rent or buy a home. Unfortunately, the decision can be difficult, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

There are numerous considerations when deciding whether to rent or buy a home. Renting is sometimes viewed as more convenient and less costly than buying, but there are also many benefits of homeownership including the ability to make long-lasting improvements, build equity, and pass on wealth to future generations. The decision between renting or buying can be difficult and may require both analysis of finances and personal factors such as lifestyle preferences.

When making this decision, prospective buyers usually look at the cost of owning relative to renting in their area by calculating housing affordability ratios (the costs of owning divided by monthly income) and comparing those ratios with historical data for local rents and other factors. Buyers need to consider how much they can afford per month for mortgage payments or rent, how long they plan to live in a home, and what will happen to the house if they move or pass away.