Hard Money Calculator

Use this tool figures monthly payments on a hard money loan. Use our calculator to get a fast hard money loan breakdown.

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What Is Hard Money?

Hard money is a type of short-term financing for real estate investments provided by private investors or private lending companies. A loan’s eligibility is based on the ASSET – NOT the borrower. This means the house’s value is the criteria that loan approvals are based on.

As a general rule, hard money lenders will lend 65% of the After-Repair-Value (ARV). And if your deal is strong enough, your loan can also include the funds for the repairs/rehab, closing costs & even carrying costs. Best of all, hard money is built for speed…With a great deal, you can have your funding in just a couple of days!

What is a hard money calculator and why do I need one

In real estate, there are several different types of loans. A hard money loan is a type of short-term mortgage that doesn’t require you to show the lender proof or collateral for your financial worthiness and only requires one asset: the property itself.

This calculator will compare various rates from lenders so that you can see what might be best for your situation!

A hard money calculator is a tool designed specifically to help users determine which kind of financing options they should consider financing their next project as well as how much it would cost them on average based on estimates provided by industry experts

How to use a hard money calculator

Our hard money loan calculator is a great way to estimate how much you can borrow for your start-up business. You simply plug in the numbers, and it does all the work! It calculates mortgage rates, down payment amounts, interest fees – everything that goes into buying real estate or investing properties. The only thing left up to you is deciding if this type of loan fits what YOU want for YOUR company’s financing needs!

The benefits of using a hard money 

In the world of real estate, there are a lot of numbers to consider. One important number you should know is your hard money borrowing limit – the maximum amount possible for you to borrow from commercial lenders and investors at any given time.

A good way to figure out this number before getting too far into negotiations with buyers or sellers? The best option for most people is using hard money!

This can help them estimate how much they could spend on their next deal based on current market conditions in their area so that they don’t get themselves stuck regretting not looking ahead when it comes time for closing day. So make sure to take advantage of all these tools today if you want more freedom tomorrow!

Don’t you just hate when your math skills let you down? That’s why we’ve created the Hard Money Calculator. It will take all of the guesswork out and help make sure that hard-earned money is being put to good use!

Who can benefit from a hard money 

You may not be able to get a loan from the banks, but you can take out what is called hard money loans. These are available for people with bad credit or no income that need financing fast and don’t want all of the hassle associated with getting approval first.

If your finances have taken a turn for the worse and traditional forms of lending seem unattainable, then do not panic! Hard Money Loans could easily fill in as an alternative when it comes time to pay off those pesky bills piled up on your table right now.

A hard money calculator is an easy way to estimate the cost of a project. It’s also a good idea to get a hard money loan for your investment property.