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What about those who have been victims of identity theft, what was that experience like?

May 28, 2020
Real Estate Agent
Did you know that identity theft is on the rise? It can happen to anyone, and it's one of those things we never expect.

I recently heard about someone in my family who got hacked - not just once but twice! They were devastated when they found out because this person swiped their social security number too... And even though I had nothing at stake myself (I'm an adult), seeing how much pain everyone went through made me feel thankful for what little protection there was around me. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
May 26, 2022
My father had this happen to him through phishing e-mails, of all things.

It was a 2-year process of getting it to stop and then reversing the damages. His credit scores took a hit and he was out over $10,000 from the incident. He was able to recover some of it but not all of it.