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Info Realzelle House Flipping Calculator

Staff member
May 19, 2020

House flipping is a hot topic right now, but it's also very risky.​

The people who are making money in house flipping are the ones that do their homework and make sure they're not overpaying for the property or getting into an unsalable situation. You need to know how to determine if you can make money on your investment before buying it. That's why we built this simple calculator to help you figure out if flipping houses is worth your time and effort. We'll show you exactly what kind of profit margin works best for investors like yourself!

This house flipper calculator will walk through all of the steps needed to determine whether or not buying a particular property would be profitable enough for you as an investor. It uses real data from actual flips so that you can see just how much profit each one made after expenses were paid off (including rehab costs). Use this tool wisely, and don't go buying any old home without checking

Check out our cool tool here! House Flipping Calculator & Rehab Analysis