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I've loaned money to people before, not a fan

Oct 24, 2020
I understand why companies are so intent on getting paid when they borrow money out. I've borrowed money before, but have always paid it back in due time. I have even loaned money out, and I am no fan of it. I made the mistake of loaning money to family and friends, and I am no longer doing that. They take forever to pay back, or don't pay nothing back at all. I'll take payments, that's no problem, I just wish they'd pay something.

Have you ever loaned money to someone and they took too long to pay back?
Sep 29, 2020
Real Estate Agent In Training
It's something I don't like to do either, because no one wants to bug a family member or friend for money. I've loaned money to friends in the past and it's never any fun when they don't give you an honest answer as to when they can pay.