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Jul 31, 2021
I think most places experience some level of earthquakes but I seldom see it outlined in insurance policies for homeowners. Does anyone know if this is included with other types of damages or does it have to be specifically outlined in your policy to know for certain you are covered? I live in an area that does get them. Most are not bad but they can cause minor damages to homes.
Staff member
May 25, 2020

Flood/Earthquake Coverage - This type of coverage is pretty essential if you live in an area known for earthquakes and/or floods (which are usually on a 30-year cycle). If a major earthquake were to occur at one of your properties, then this type of policy will cover any structural damage and can be combined with property/casualty insurance as well.

If your property is completely destroyed by water from a flood though then it's possible that nothing would be covered because most policies, consider floods as "acts of God". It may be wise to purchase additional flood coverage separate from what the government provides if you're in an area that could get hit really hard by these types of natural disaster.