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Can you change an agreement when it comes to pets?

May 26, 2022
I do not work with rentals of any sort so I am not sure what the approach would be for this. A friend of mine and his wife are renting out their first home (they are holding onto it to give to their child when he is older and want to make money off the property for the time being). They allowed pets (1 dog or up to 3 cats) but the issue they ran into are the neighbors. The dog the renters have is ALWAYS barking and they have filed a lot of complaints. He barks when it is outside very loudly as well as can be heard in the house. They had been renting from them for 3 years now but their lease is not up for another 6 months. They got the dog about a month ago.

They would like to change the agreement to decline pets but the couple renting for them is still locked in for another 6 months. How can you fix an issue like this?