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  1. Jerry80

    Question Are work equipment/supplies loss/damage covered?

    If you run a business, are the work equipment and supplies for example, a part of the business insurance? Or will that insurance only be used towards certain aspects of the business? I figure it may be important with equipment, especially if the equipment is expensive and you rely on it for said...
  2. Jerry80

    Question Should I lease a new car instead?

    I want to take out a loan and get a nice and fairly newer car, but I don't want to take out a big loan. Instead, I figured I would lease the new car and then pay it off that way. I feel this way it'd be easier, and if I ever want to sell it, I can easily sign the lease over to someone else. Is...
  3. Jerry80

    Question Is there a way to become a charity organization?

    I would like to start a charity at some point, and would like to eventually make my business a charity organization. Thing is, I don't have a single clue how to go about something like this. Do you guys have any tips on how to start an organization for charity? Are there forms you need to sign...
  4. Jerry80

    Question Would you purchase property in Africa?

    I've never considered purchasing property in Africa before, but after hearing how safe South Africa is, I am now interested in getting property over there. How are the properties in South Africa? I'd be interested in flipping some places too.
  5. Jerry80

    Question How much and how often do you need to spend to increase your credit score?

    When it comes to increasing your credit score, how much is enough to start? Or does it rely on how often you spend money? I want to build my credit score faster, any suggestions?
  6. Jerry80

    Question Have you ever had to force a tenant out?

    I have only rented out one place, and it was one of my bedrooms in my current home. I had to get some money a few years back, so opened my house to one tenant. Anyway, the tenant became a problem and I had to work my way to getting him out. It took 30 days with a court order to have him move...
  7. Jerry80

    Do you have more than one bank account?

    I tend to only run with one or two bank accounts. I try to save most of my money in both, but also have other ways of protecting my money. I try to invest some and save as much as I can. Anyway, do you tend to use more than one bank account? What about a credit union bank account? I prefer...
  8. Jerry80

    Question Duplex's a good investment?

    I would like to eventually buy myself a duplex and rent it off. I was wondering though, is it a good option? I want to eventually rent to two tenants, and maybe invest in another duplex at some point. And eventually have multiple duplex's that I rent out.
  9. Jerry80

    Question What's the max size loan one should take out?

    I want to take a loan out soon for a business I would like to start, and was wondering what the max one should take out per loan? I don't want to take out too much, just enough to get started. I need about $5000 to start, would that be fine?
  10. Jerry80

    Info Buying property in Asia, what should I know?

    I'm considering moving to Asia, most likely Japan, and I was wondering. How much would it cost to live in Japan? I hear it can be pretty pricey, so what would be ideal for a smaller house? Would that even be costly?
  11. Jerry80

    Info Can you increase your credit by using PayPal?

    I currently have PayPal and a paypal prepaid card. Could I potentially increase my credit score when using them on shopping sites and paying bills? I want to build my credit score, but am unsure I want to get a credit card.