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15 Questions: Buying a House First Time

purchase house for the first time

Buying a house for the first time can be an overwhelming process. There are many factors to consider, and it cannot be easy to know which questions you should ask when buying a home. This blog post will discuss 15 questions that every buyer should ask themselves before purchasing a property!

15 Questions to Ask When Buying a House for the First Time

Buying your first house? Here is what you should consider!

1. How much space do you need for the lifestyle you want to live now and in the future?

Consider how big of a house would fit your needs. Do you need a lot of bedrooms? Do your kids want their rooms, or are they okay sharing space with other siblings? Is there enough room for a future family expansion? Is there enough storage space for your belongings? Consider if you would want to host parties or gatherings in the future. Would your house be able to accommodate that?

2. Do I want a basement or an attached garage?

Some people need a basement, while others prefer to have an attached garage. It’s a personal preference! But if you have a lot of snow, a garage may be more important. If you have an attached garage, that will also give your home more value. So, if you want a bigger return on your investment, an attached garage may be the way to go!

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3. Do you plan to live by yourself or with others?

If you plan to live by yourself, consider how much space and privacy that you would want. Would a one-bedroom apartment be enough? What are you willing to compromise on? If you plan to live with others, you can consider what type of living situation. Would everyone want their bedroom and bathroom? Or do you want to be in a situation where everyone shares one kitchen and living room space?

4. What are your priorities for a house – school district, safety, etc.?

Consider what your priorities are when it comes to buying a house. Is the school district important? What about safety in your neighborhood? Is there a specific area that you want to live in? Is it important for your house to be close to work, or is commute time okay with you? Also, think about what amenities are important to you. Do you want a pool? A dog park nearby? A place to grow a garden?

5. Do you know what kind of home you’re looking for – single-family or condo/townhouse, traditional or modern style, etc.?

Consider what kind of home you want to live in. Do you prefer a single-family house? Maybe you’re open to condos or townhouses. Maybe you prefer a modern-style house, or maybe traditional houses are more your style! Many people start out looking for condos because they’re usually more affordable. This is something to consider!

6. How much can you afford monthly mortgage payments and other expenses like property taxes and insurance costs?

You don’t want to buy a home that is too much for your budget. If the mortgage is beyond what you can afford, it could be a huge burden on you. It’s better to be realistic about the price range that you can afford so that you won’t have any financial hardships!

7. What is your budget for remodeling projects before moving into a new home?

It’s important to think about what you can afford for remodeling projects. If your home needs a lot of work before moving in, consider how much you want to spend on that. You can also think about what projects are necessary and which ones aren’t worth the cost.

8. Are there any specific features that are important to have in your house (elevator, fireplace)?

It’s important to consider what features are essential for your house. For example, do you want an elevator in the home? Do you have specific needs that need to be met (e.g., a wheelchair ramp)? Think about anything that would make life easier or more convenient for yourself and future family members.

9. Is there a good public transportation system here, or will I be driving everywhere?

Consider if you want to live in a place with good public transportation or would need to be driving everywhere. If you don’t like the idea of commuting and will require lots of parking space, then it may not make sense for you to buy a house that is located far from work!

10. How close is the nearest grocery store to my home?

You’ll also want to know how close the nearest grocery store is. It must be within reasonable driving distance, and you should think about if there are other stores nearby (e.g., Walmart). You can also consider whether or not you prefer a big-box chain like Costco over smaller local shops.

11. What’s the average commute time from my house to work every day?

It’s important to know how long it will take you to get from your house to work. If the commute is too far, consider other places where you could live where the commute would be shorter!

12. Do I have friends or family that can help me out if needed?

You’ll also want to think about who you know in the area, and if they are close by, you will have people to turn to for support! This is especially important when it comes to a time with renovations or other projects on your home. If necessary, consider who you will be able to call on for help!

13. Does this neighborhood feel safe enough for me, or should I look elsewhere for a more secure location?

You’ll also want to consider how safe the neighborhood feels. Are there lots of other people around? Is it in a busy area or far away from any major streets where you would feel unsafe walking at night by yourself? Do some research on your own, but if necessary, ask your realtor about public safety statistics for the area!

13. Are there any nearby parks where I can go with my family when we want some fresh air and exercise?

It’s also important to consider any good parks nearby (and if they’re family-friendly). Finally, you’ll want to think about whether or not your kids will be able to run around and get some fresh air when you need a break from the house.

14. Are there any special features important to you – fireplace, washer and dryer hookups in the unit, dishwasher connections?

You’ll also want to think about any special features that you require in a house. For example, do you have specific appliance needs? Do your kids need a place where they can play outside when it’s nice out? Are there any safety concerns, e.g., the home is set up, so there aren’t many stairs?

15. Would you consider renting it out if this place was for sale?

You’ll also want to think about whether or not this would make a good investment property (and rent it out). Is the price reasonable enough that you could find renters who could afford to pay your monthly mortgage payment and more each month? Think through all of these questions and more before you sign the dotted line and make your purchase!

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15. Are there any planned renovations or developments that will affect my property value?

Finally, before you buy the house, you’ll want to ask if any local developments are on the horizon. You’ll want to think about this for two reasons: 1) it makes it easier to estimate your future property value, and 2) you can plan further into the future. 

Final Words

Buying a house for the first time

Buying a new house is exciting, but it can be not easy to know what questions to ask or where to start. So as you are looking for the right home in your preferred neighborhood, keep these 15 questions in mind so that you’ll find the perfect one for you and your family!

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, or if you have something else in mind that did not include here, make sure to comment below and let us know! One thing is for certain–homeownership is worth every minute spent searching for the perfect place.

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