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Best 10 Free Money Apps 2021: A Simple Definition

No matter what you need or want from your financial app , there's an option out there for everyone!

The Best 10 Free Money Apps

The 50-30-20 salary rule recommends 50% goes to, 30% – wants, and 20% – savings. The bills never take a vacation, so neither can you. You never have enough money or time to take on additional jobs or hours to earn the money you need to achieve your financial goals. You make money on the go with free money apps, and they also help you take control of your finances.

What Are Free Money App?

We define free money apps in two main ways.

  1. Free money apps are those that offer you value, such as cash, redeemable points, savings, and discounts as rewards for playing games, watching videos, ads, or doing surveys, for example.
  2. Free to download apps that help you manage your money and invest it to make returns.

Some free money apps offer both types of benefits; you get a free-to-download money management app that also earns you cash or other valuable rewards.

The Best 10 Free Money Apps 2021


Best 10 Free Money Apps

You can access the bond market with the free-to-use, Worthy app by Worthy Financial Inc and earn a fixed 5% interest when your bond matures after 36 months. The company uses crowdfunding to raise capital and offer small businesses loans.

Investments have a $10 minimum, and you can cash in any time before the bond matures, meaning you would waive the 5% interest payable to you. Check out their website, play around with the calculator and view potential returns depending on how much you can afford to invest.

2. Public

The free-to-use social investing app Public simplifies building a portfolio on a small budget since it allows you to purchase fractions of shares in thousands of public companies and ETFs. Public promotes the social experience by using creative strategies like giving members free “slices” of stock worth up to $10 for each friend referred.

Use your assigned shareable link to share trades to your Instagram stories or Linktree. You even earn stock slices if a friend you invite to the apps chat group joins and is approved. The more friends you bring in, the more slices you accrue.

The Fidelity credit card offers 2% cash on all purchases that you can opt to send to your Fidelity investment account. The card has no annual fee.

3. Fidelity

Free-to-download Fidelity App helps your goal planning; it provides excellent investor education, offers $0 commission fees, and offers the best rates. On top of the primary investment account, Fidelity offers retirement accounts, a 529 college savings account, and a cash management account.

The Fidelity credit card offers 2% cash on all purchases that you can opt to send to your Fidelity investment account. The card has no annual fee.

4. Swagbucks

You can earn cash or instantly redeemable reward points on the free-to-download Swagbucks app, plus get a $5 sign-up bonus. You acquire Swagbucks by doing various tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, playing online games, and more. You also get cashback on eligible purchases when you link your credit card to the Swagbucks app.

5. Acorns

The free-to-download Acorns app offers a $10 sign-up bonus. The data you provide helps the app determine your risk profile which it uses to guide your investments. Acorns is perfect for automating your savings and investments. The automation limits your cash in hand, helping to curtail unnecessary spending and track your finances.

6. Shopkick

Shopkick app provides cool rewards you can redeem when you have enough points or “kicks”. You earn kicks when in a physical retail store like Target and Walmart. While on location, you can take on challenges such as walking down different aisles or participate in a scavenger hunt for specified items. Additionally, you can also earn kicks by submitting your receipt after shopping. The Shopkick website states Kicks are redeemable for gift cards at Amazon, Target, and other stores.

Shopkick app turns shopping with your loved ones into a great experience. If you have kids, then get them involved in the fun. 

7. Rakuten

The free-to-download Rakuten app gives you cashback on your shopping. It also uses push notifications to inform you of current deals and sales. The Rakuten app helps you search for the best price, rewards, promo codes, and coupons.

If you often shop with your mobile phone, Rakuten can help you save while rewarding you with cashback.

8. iPoll

Download the iPoll app for free and get notified when you are eligible to complete a paid survey. Create your profile in advance, and then get survey alerts for those that you qualify for. Product reviews, test ads, and secret shopping are some paid services you can provide on the app. After qualifying, you will get rewards, which you can redeem at iPoll’s online store.


9. Robinhood

If you are looking for an app to help you build long-term wealth through stock investment, then take a look at commission-free, user-friendly investment platform Robinhood

On this free-to-download app, you qualify for free shares worth under $10 when you sign-up and link your bank details. You also have the flexibility to purchase portions of blue-chip stocks like Google and Apple if your budget cannot accommodate one or multiple units of those shares.

The Robinhood app’s functionality extends beyond stocks as you can also build ETF and cryptocurrency portfolios with popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, among others available. Cryptocurrencies can also be acquired in minimal or sub-units.


10. Mistplay

Download the free-to-download Mistplay app available exclusively on the Google Play Store and join the loyalty program to earn rewards while playing mobile games.

The app allows you to earn extra cash while having a blast. The loyalty program for gamers enables you to win Visa Cards and Steam Credit in addition to the iTunes, Amazon, Nintendo, and Xbox gift cards that you can also earn.

You make money by achieving preset milestones in different games that you must play for a specific time.


The best 10 free money apps 2021 provide creative opportunities for you to earn additional cash or rewards while doing your day-to-day activities or simple tasks. Generally, you do not have to over-extend yourself for your payment. The activities are usually fun, or you can make them fun by sharing them with your loved ones.

With additional income comes more opportunities to save and invest for life goals including retirement. Several free-to-download money management apps are available to help you with your financial planning while also making investment convenient and affordable. The best part is that these financial apps often throw in free bonuses to help you earn even more.

Above are the 10 free money apps we recommend for 2021 because you deserve the best rewards.

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